RRMR600 Magic Remote for LG TV

RRMR600 Magic Remote for LG TV


The Anderic RRMR600 will replace all LG Smart TV remotes. It will do all functions as the original remote will operate except for VOICE Functionality. Simply plug USB dongle into one of the USB ports on the back of the TV and remote will pair just like the original remote. You will have full functionality of the default on-screen cursor. You can access your smart apps, inputs and more. This remote can also program to a Set-top-box for controlling your Cable or Satellite box.

  • About this Product

    The Anderic RRMR600 will replace all LG Smart TV remotes. It will do all functions as the original remote will operate except for VOICE Functionality. Simply plug USB dongle into one of the USB ports on the back of the TV and remote will pair just like the original remote. You will have full functionality of the default on-screen cursor. You can access your smart apps, inputs and more. This remote can also program to a Set-top-box for controlling your Cable or Satellite box.

    - Full functionality for all LG Smart TV (except voice control)
    - Includes: RRMR600 remote, Receiver dongle, and instructions
    - Replaces all LG smart remote controls

    WARNING - This remote will not do VOICE COMMANDS.

  • Manuals & Downloads

    Full operating manual here (PDF)


    To operate this remote, please refer to all instructions located in the operating manual below. 


    Please visit our FAQ page for answers to your questions. Visit our Contact page to ask us a question. 

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