RR5501 for LG TV

RR5501 for LG TV


The ANDERIC RR5501 remote was designed specifically to replace the many LG TV remotes. 

  • About this Product

    The ANDERIC RR5501 remote was designed specifically to replace the many LG TV remotes.

    • Works all LG TVS. No programming needed. Simply install batteries and BOOM, it will work! Guaranteed. 
    • Large easy to read buttons.
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

  • Manuals & Downloads

    To operate this remote, please refer to all instructions located in the operating manual below. 


    Please visit our FAQ page for answers to your questions. Visit our Contact page to ask us a question. 

  • Compatiblity

    Works for: AKB72915206 FOR LG, AKB72915206, AKB73975702 for LG, AKB73975702, 2352272OH, AAA74791901, AGF76578744, AKB69680401, AKB69680406, AKB69680409, AKB69680439, AKB72914003, AKB72914018, AKB72914042, AKB72914043, AKB72914053, AKB72914064, AKB72914207, AKB72914212, AKB72914221, AKB72914240, AKB72914287, AKB72915201, AKB72915204, AKB72915206, AKB72915219, AKB72915225, AKB72915231, AKB72915235, AKB72915238, AKB72915240, AKB72915246, AKB72915266, AKB72915280, AKB72915287, AKB73275673, AKB73275675, AKB73615314, AKB73615315, AKB73615316, AGF76578710, AKB73615316, AKB73615319, AKB73615320, AKB73615321, AKB73615326, AKB73615336, AKB73615337, AKB73655808, AKB73655824, AKB73655839, AKB73655848, AKB73655858, AKB73756506, AGF76631001, AKB73756567, AGF76692626, AKB73975702, AKB74115501, MKJ33981413, MKJ36998104, MKJ36998108, MKJ40653801, MKJ40653808, MKJ40653818, MKJ40653823, MKJ40653832, MKJ40653832, AGF76578726, MKJ40653833, MKJ42519616, MKJ42519617, MKJ36998110