RR3F1400038120 for Samsung® TVs

RR3F1400038120 for Samsung® TVs


The Anderic RR3F1400038120 works many Samsung TVs. We recommend this model to replace all similarly looking Samsung TV remotes. 

  • Product Details

    The Anderic RR3F1400038120 SAMSUNG remote control replaces many original equipment Samsung TV remotes. The RR3F1400038120 SAMSUNG will work right out of the package for compatible Samsung TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR3F1400038120 SAMSUNG is a pre-programmed Samsung TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like MENU, FORMAT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your Samsung TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a manufacturers 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

    Additional information:

    • This remote only works Samsung TVs
    • Modeled after original equipment Samsung remote
    • This remote will not program to any other devices (DVDs, Cable boxes, etc.)
    • This remote is a generic substitute remote for the Samsung remote models:  3F1400005163, 3F1400005161, 3920223736, 3F1400005281, 3F1400008102, 3F1400008160, 3F1400008100, 3F1400008101, 3F1400008103, 3F1400014110, 3F140014D110, 3F1400032010 (MOST FEATURES), 3F1400034030 (MOST FEATURES), 3F1400034020 (MOST FEATURES), 3F1400038110 (NO TV/VIDEO), 3F1400038111 (NO TV/VIDEO), 3F1400038112 (NO TV/VIDEO, A SEARCH), 3F1400038122 (NO A SEARCH), 3F1400038121, 3F1400038120, 3F1400038480 (NO TV/VIDEO, A SEARCH), AA5910015D (NO TV/VIDEO, A SEARCH), 3F1400038470 (NO TV/VIDEO, A SEARCH), AA5910015D (NO TV/VIDEO, A SEARCH) and many more.
    • This remote will work the following remotes but without VCR buttons: 3F1400036021, 3F1400036020, 3F1400036010, 3F1400036020, 3F1400036060, 3F1400038010, 3F1400039050, 3F1400039060, 3F1400046050, AA59-10026B, AA5910026N, AA5910026B, AA59-10026D, 3F140004N0245UD, 3F1400034400, 3F1400034510, 3F1400036120, 3F1400038D470
    • 1-YEAR replacement warranty included
    Warning: This remote will not work TV/VCR or TV/VCR combo players. Also, please make sure this remote has all the buttons you need before ordering.


    Compatible with TV models: 2770STV, 2770STV/SX, 79078023, CKC50V, CT1388R, CT326, CT3312, CT3312V, CT3312VC, CT3350XVM, CT3351V, CT3351XVM, CT3352V, CT3373C, CT3391X, CT500WDC, CT5012V, CT5012V2, CT5012VC, CT5013VC, CT5035CA, CT5035CN, CT5051V, CT5052V, CT5071V, CT5071VC, CT5071XVC, CT5083V8, CT5091CA, CT5091X, CT5091XVC, CT5119UB, CT5313, CT5331W, CT5331W/MVTX, CT5335, CT5335W, CT5335W/MVTX, CT5335WCX, CT5339VC, CT6330WCX, CT6331, CT6331W, CT6331WCX, CT6332W, CT6335WCX, CT677W, CT6816WCX, CT6830W, CT6831CA, CT6831W, CT6831W/X, CT6835, CT6835W, CT6835WCX, CT7271, CXA1316, CXA1316B, CXA1926B, MTTB1340, MVR2150, PXB2525, TC1492, TC1492FR, TC1492FR/1ETX, TC2000T, TC2003T, TC2010T, TC2015T, TC2023S, TC2050S, TC2050ST, TC2055ST, TC2065S, TC2065SX, TC2065SX/CX, TC2075S, TC2192FR, TC2192FR/1ETX, TC2192FR/3ETX, TC2540S, TC2540SX, TC2550, TC25505, TC2550S, TC2550S/SX, TC2550SX, TC2550SX/SX, TC2650S, TC2650ST, TC2750, TC2750FX, TC2750S, TC2750S/SX, TC2750SX, TC2750SX/SX, TC2770, TC2770C, TC2770S, TC2770S/CX, TC2770S/SX, TC3323V, TC3610C, TC3613C, TC3643C, TC3823T, TC3833T, TC3835T, TC3835TB, TC3836T, TC3836T/CX, TC3836TB, TC3836TB/CX, TC3836TS, TC3836TW, TC3855TB, TC3856TB, TC3865TB, TC3866TB, TC3866TS, TC3895, TC3895TB, TC7000S, TC7000SX, TC7100S, TC9320V, TC9620C, TC9623C, TC9640C, TC9645, TC9645C, TC9820S, TC9823S, TC9830T, TC9830TS, TC9840S, TC9845, TC9845S, TC9845ST, TC9845ST/CX, TC9845ST/X, TC9850T, TC9855T, TC9865T, TC9865TB, TC9865TB/CX, TC9865TW, TC9865TW/CX, TC98751B, TC9875T, TC9875T/CX, TC9875TB, TC9875TV, TC9885T, TC9885TB, TC9895, TC9895TB, TC9895TB/CX, TC9895TV, TCC1340, TCC1341, TCC1360, TCD1341, TCD1350, TCD1372, TCD1373, TCD1382, TN3846T, TN3846TW, TN3866TB, TN3866TS, TTB1310, TTB1320, TTB1330, TTB1340, TTB1340/CX, TTB1340W, TTB1340W/CX, TTB2012, TTB2012/1CX, TTB2012/CX, TTC1341, TTC1350, TTC1360, TXB1310, TXB1330, TXB1340, TXB1910, TXB1920, TXB1930, TXB1940, TXB1940/1CX, TXB1940/CX, TXB1940/H1CX, TXB1940CX, TXB1940H, TXB1960, TXB2012, TXB2012/1CX, TXB2012/CX, TXB2015, TXB2025, TXB2516, TXB2525, TXB2535, TXB2725, TXB2735, TXB3115, TXC1341, TXC1350, TXC1950, TXC1960, TXC2515, TXC2515/CX, TXC2515D, TXC2516, TXC2516/CX, TXC2516CX, TXC2516D, TXC2715, TXC2715/CX, TXC2716, TXC2716/CX, TXC2716CX, TXC3116, TXD1372, TXD1373, TXD1382, TXD1972, TXD2022, TXD2715

    Note: This list may not be a complete list.