• About this Product

    The Anderic RR3457 remote control replaces many original equipment Zenith TV remotes. The RR3457 will work right out of the package for compatible Zenith TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR3457 is a pre-programmed Zenith TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like MENU, INPUT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your Zenith TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

    Additional information:

    • This remote only works Zenith TVs
    • This remote will not program to any other devices (DVDs, Cable boxes, etc.)
    • This remote is a generic substitute remote for many Zenith remote controls including: ZENITH MBR3457 (124-00212-37), MBR3455 (124-212-03), RR3457 Zenith (124-00212-64), MBR3447ZG (124-00233-P07), MBR3447Z (6710V00144A), MBR3447T (124-00233-P00A), MBR3447CT (124-233-04), MBR3447A (124-212-58), MBR3446 (124-212-60, 124-212-59), MBR3445P (124-212-09, 124-212-07), MBR3445 (124-212-01), MBR3440 (124-202-05, 124-202-07, 124-202-03), SR-3457 (SR3457), 12420207 and more.
    • 1-YEAR replacement warranty included

    NOTE: Does not program to TV/VCR combos



    Model: RR3457 Zenith 
    Part Number: RR3457 
    UPC: 895612001015 
    Associated Number: MBR3457 
    Catalogue No.: 10527 
    This remote control controls units : TV
    Battery Required : 2 AAA

  • Used with Models

    Compatible with Zentih TV models: 1240014712, 1240014713, 1240019113, 1240020301, 1240020505, 1240020601, 1240020609, 1240021209, 1240021235, 1240021237, 12400213, 1240021323, 1240023101, 1240023103, 12400233, 1240023301, 12419203, 124233, 1911Y7, 1QB27FW, 1QB36B42W, 20LH1DC1, 26LH1DC1, 32LH1DC1, 46M84D, 50M90W, 924939P4260103, A09P02, A09P02X, A13P02D, A1926W4, A19A02, A19A02D, A19A02D7, A19A02D74, A19A02D8, A19A02D84, A19A02S, A19A11, A19A11D, A19A11D4, A19A11D7, A19A21D, A19P020, A19P02D, A20A21D, A20A229, A20A22D, A23B41W, A252A11D, A25A02, A25A02D, A25A02D4, A25A02D64, A25A02D7, A25A02D74, A25A02D8, A25A02S, A25A11, A25A11D, A25A11S, A25A12D, A25A12S, A25A22B, A25A22BT, A25A22BT7, A25A22BT8, A25A23W, A25A23W8, A25A74, A25A74R, A25A76R, A25B33, A25B33W, A25B33W7, A25B33W8, A27A11, A27A11D, A27A11S, A27A12D, A27A12S, A27A22BT4, A27A23D, A27A23W4, A27A23W9, A27A74R, A27B32D, A27B33D, A27B33W, A27B33W4, A27B33W84, A27B41, A27B41D, A27B41W, A27B41W4, A32386R, A32841W, A32B33, A32B33D, A32B41, A32B41D, A32B41W, A32B41W7, A32B84, A32B84D, A32B84R, A32B84W, A32B8612, A32B86R, A36841W, A36B33, A36B33W, A36B41, A36B41D, A36B41W, A36B41W8, A36B86R, A50M74D, A50M84, A50M84D, A50M84R, A50M84W, A50M84W9, A50M91R, A56M91R, A60M91R, ALG20A02GM, ALG20A02SM, ALG20A04SM, ALG20A11DM, ALG20A11SM, ALG21A06DM, ALG21A21DM, ALG21A22DM, ALG26A02GM, ALG26A02SM, ALG26A11DM, ALG26A11SM, ALG26A22SM, ALG26A23DM, ALG29A11GM, ALG29A12SM, ALG29A22DM, ALG29A23DM, B09A02, B09A02X, B13A01L, B13A02D, B13A02D01, B13A03D, B19A02D, B19A0ZD, B19A21D, B19A23, B19A23DC, B24A2AZ, B25A02, B25A027, B25A02D, B25A02Z, B25A02Z8, B25A10, B25A10Z, B25A10Z4, B25A10Z6, B25A10Z8, B25A10ZC, B25A10ZC6, B25A10ZCF, B25A11D, B25A11Z, B25A11Z6, B25A11ZF, B25A23W, B25A24Z, B25A24Z6, B25A24Z8, B25A24ZF, B25A30B, B25A30Z, B25A30ZC, B25A30ZC6, B25A30ZCF, B25A74LK, B25A74R, B25A76R, B25A76R5, B25AD2Z, B25AO2Z, B25AT2, B27A10, B27A10Z, B27A10Z5, B27A10Z6, B27A10ZC, B27A10ZC5, B27A10ZC6, B27A10ZCF, B27A11, B27A11Z, B27A11Z5, B27A11Z6, B27A11Z65, B27A11ZC, B27A11ZC5, B27A11ZF, B27A13Z, B27A24Z, B27A24Z5, B27A24Z6, B27A24Z65, B27A24ZF, B27A24ZF5, B27A30Z, B27A30ZC, B27A30ZC5, B27A30ZC57, B27A30ZC6, B27A30ZC65, B27A30ZC7, B27A30ZCF, B27A30ZCF5, B27A34Z, B27A34ZF, B27A40Z, B27A44Z, B27A74R, B27A74R5, B27A76R, B27A76R5, B27B240Z, B27B40, B27B40Z, B27Z30ZC, B32A24, B32A24Z, B32A24Z6, B32A24ZF, B32A30Z, B32A30Z6, B32A30ZF, B32A34Z, B32A34ZF, B32B84R, B32B86R, B36A24Z, B36A24Z6, B36A24ZF, B36A30Z, B36A30Z6, B36A30Z8, B36A30ZF, B36A30ZF8, B36A34Z, B36A34ZF, B36B24W, B36B41ZF, B36B86R, B50M88, B50M88W, B50M88WA, B50M90W, B55B60, B60M88W, B60M88WA, C13A02D, C13A03D, C13A04LB, C13A04LP, C13A05LB, C13A05LG, C13A05LP, C13AO2D, C14A210, C192A10, C19A02, C19A02D, C19A02D8, C19A02DF, C19A02DF8, C19A21D, C19A21D8, C19A21DF, C19A21DF8, C2560KC, C2562PE, C2564CT, C25A24T8, C25A24TF8, C25A30T, C2760KC, C2764CT, C276OKC, C27A24T, C27A24TF, C27A25, C27A25T6, C27A25T68, C27A30T, C27C22, C27C35, C27C35T, C27C35TF, C27C41, C27C41T, C27C41TF, C27V22, C27V23, C2TV22, C32A24T, C32A26, C32A26F, C32A26T, C32A26T6, C32A30T, C32C35, C32C35T, C32C35TF, C32C41, C32C41T, C32C41TF, C32C84R, C32C86R, C32V22, C32V23, C32V238, C32V2382, C32V239, C34W23, C34W232, C36A24T, C36A26, C36A268, C36A26T6, C36A26T68, C36A30T, C36C35, C36C35T, C36C35T8, C36C35TF, C36C41, C36C41T, C36C41T8, C36C41TF, C36C86R, C36V22, C36V23, C5562G, C6788DE, CB25A25Z, CB25A25Z6, CB27A10Z, CB27A10ZC, CB27A25Z, CC1326, CC1326W, CC1326W1, CC2064, CC2064W, CC2505, CC2505EW, CC2505EW2, CC2525, CC2525VK, CC2562S2, CC2566, CC2566S, CC2566S2, CC2566S7, CC2766, CC2766S, CC2766S2, CCM2549S, CCM2553S, CCR2549S, CCR2549S1, CCR2552S, CCR2552S1, CMJ2063S, CMJ2063S5, CMJ2065S, CMJ2065S5, CMJ2502VK, CMJ2502VK5, CMJ2504TR, CMJ2524H, CMJ2524H5, CMJ2526TR, CMJ2526TR5, CMJ2528H, CMJ2528H5, CMJ2563S, CMJ2565S, CMJ2593Y, CMJ2722H, CMJ2722H5, CMJ2724N, CMJ2724N5, CMJ2726TR, CMJ2726TR5, CMJ2733H, CMJ2743RK, CMJ2745TR, CMJ2765W, CMJ2765W5, CMJ2771S, CMJ2775S, 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SG5751P, SG5751P3, SG5751P9, SG5759S, SG5759S3, SG5759Y, SG5759Y3, SJ0923X, SJ0923X9, SJ1325, SJ1325W, SJ1325W1, SJ1325W9, SJ1325X, SJ1325X1, SJ2063S, SJ2063S5, SJ2063W, SJ2063W5, SJ2063X, SJ2063X5, SJ2065, SJ2065H, SJ2065S, SJ2065S2, SJ2065S5, SJ2065W, SJ2065W2, SJ2065W27, SJ2065W5, SJ2065W57, SJ2065W7, SJ2065X, SJ2065X2, SJ2065X5, SJ2071W, SJ2504, SJ2508LK, SJ2518RK, SJ2518RK2, SJ2524VK, SJ2524VK5, SJ2526EW, SJ2526EW5, SJ2565, SJ2565H, SJ2565S, SJ2565S2, SJ2571W, SJ2573BG, SJ2573D6, SJ2599, SJ2722H, SJ2722K5, SJ2722LK, SJ2722LK5, SJ2722LK7, SJ2722LK8, SJ2724M, SJ2724M5, SJ2724M6, SJ2724N, SJ2724N5, SJ2724N6, SJ2726, SJ2726EW, SJ2726EW5, SJ2726EW6, SJ2726EW7, SJ2733LK, SJ2735H, SJ2735LK, SJ2737RK, SJ2739, SJ2739TR, SJ2739TR6, SJ2741LK, SJ2743H, SJ2743LK, SJ2745TR, SJ2745TR6, SJ2749TR, SJ2765H, SJ2765H5, SJ2765S, SJ2765S5, SJ2765W, SJ2765W5, SJ2765WS, SJ2771W, SJ2772BG, SJ2775, SJ2775BG, SJ2775BG7, SJ2779BG, SJ2779BG1, SJ3247LK, SJ3247RK, SJ3271W, SJ3275BG, SJ3543, SJ3543RK, SJ3546RK, SJ504RK46, SJ5263W, SJ5263Y, SJ5265W, SJ5265Y, SJ5504, SJ5504EW, SJ5504EW46, SJ5722LK, SJ5722LK8, SJ5745EW, SJ5747LK, SJ5771, SJ5773Y, SJ5775, SJ5775Y, SJ5935Y, SJ5945EW, SJ7263, SJ7263BG, SJ7263S, SJ7263W, SJ7265, SJ7265BG, SJ7504RK, SJ7571, SJ7571BG, SJ7735LK, SJ7739RK, SJ7739RK6, SJ7743RK, SJ7765BG, SJ7765S, SJ7773BG, SJ7773BGCC, SJ7775BG, SJ7935W, SJ9263S, SJ9263Y, SJ9265S, SJ9265S2, SJ9271S, SJ9504TR, SJ9504TR2, SJ9504TR46, SJ9526TR, SJ9563S, SJ9573S, SJ9722LK, SJ9722LK8, SJ9739TR, SJ9739TR6, SJ9743VK, SJ9771S, SJ9775S, SJ9935S, SK2063S, SK2063W, SK2063X, SK2065, SK2071, SK2526EW5, SK2565S, SK2571, SK2722LK, SK2724M, SK2724N, SK2726EW, SK2733, SK2735, SK2737, SK2739, SK2765S, SK2765W, SK2771, SK2779BG, SK3271, SL0923X, SL0953X, SL1327, SL1327W, SL1327X, SL2053S, SL2067BT, SL2067BT7, SL2067BTM, SL2067W, SL2067W7, SL2077, SL2077BT, SL2077ST, SL2518, SL2518RK, SL2520KK, SL2520RK, SL2567S, SL2567S7, SL2567SM, SL2567W, SL2573, SL2573W, SL2575, SL2575BG, SL2577P9, SL2722LK, SL2722RK, 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VR2100, VR2100C, VR2106, VR2150, VR2150C, VR2175, VR2175C, VR2210, VR2218, VR2218CC, VR2410, VR24101, VR2411, VR2412, VR2414, VR2416, VR2420HF, VR2421, VR2421HF, VR2422HF, VR2424HF, VR2426HF, VR3100, VR3200, VR3220, VR3250, VR3320, VR4106, VR4125, VR4158, VR4206HF, VR4225HF, VR4285HF03, VR5100, VR5100C, VR592, VRC2125, VRC4125, VRC412502, VRC4165, VRC4195, VRC4225HF, VRC4265HF, VRD100, VRD206, VRD206C, VRD207, VRD207C, VRD208, VRD208C, VRD209, VRD210, VRD500ST, VRD500STC, VRD505, VRD505ST, VRD506, VRD507, VRD508, VRD509, VRD510, VRD520, VRD530HF, VRD600HF, VRD600HFC, VRD700HF, VRE150, VRE155, VRE180, VRE200, VRE205, VRE510HF, VRE550HF, VRE600, VRE700, VRF100, VRF160, VRF165, VRF250, VRF255, VRF300HF, VRF510HF, VRF610HF, VRF650, VRG170, VRG180, VRG260, VRG265, VRG310, VRG310HF, VRG520, VRG520HF, VRG620, VRG75, VRG80, VRG80ST, VRG90, VRJ210, VRJ214, VRJ220HF, VRJ410, VRJ411, VRJ412, VRJ413, VRJ415, VRJ420HF, VRJ421HF, VRJ422HF, VRJ424HF, VRJ425HF, VRJ428, VRJ428HF, VRL2110, VRL2110C, VRL2120CC, VRL4110, VRL4130, VRL4132, VRL4170, VRL4210, VRL4210HF, VRL4230, VRL4230HF, VRL4232, VRL4270, VRL4270HF, VRL428HF, VRM201HF, VRM2120, VRM4120, VRS416, VRS416HF, VRS417, VRS417HF, VRS426HF, VRS427, VRS427HF, VRS60, VRS70, VRS750HF, VRS92, VZ907, WHJ1323Y, WHJ1931Y, WHL1323Y, WHL1931Y, Z09P02, Z09P02X, Z19A02D, Z19A02DG, Z19A02G, Z19A02GM, Z19A02S, Z19A11S, Z19A11SM, Z19A11Y, Z19A11YM, Z20A06D, Z20A06DM, Z20A06X, Z20A21, Z20A21D, Z20A21DM, Z2584, Z2584P3, Z25A02, Z25A02G, Z25A02GM, Z25A11S, Z25A11SM, Z25A12S, Z25A64W, Z25A65N, Z25A66R, Z25X22, Z25X225, Z25X22S, Z25X22S19, Z25X22S8, Z25X22S9, Z25X22SM, Z25X22SM9, Z25X22X, Z25X31D, Z25X31D8, Z25X31DM, Z25Z02G, Z27A11, Z27A11D, Z27A11G, Z27A11S, Z27A12S, Z27A12SM, Z27H32D, Z27H32D8, Z27H32DM, Z27H41D, Z27H96R, Z27H96RM, Z27X22, Z27X22D, Z27X22DM, Z27X22S, Z27X31D, Z27X74, Z27X74W, Z27X76, Z27X76R, Z27X76RM, Z27Z45D, Z32H41D, Z32H96M, Z32H96R, Z32H96RM, Z32X22, Z32X22S, Z32X31D, Z32X31DM, Z32X84R, Z32Z45D, Z35H86M, Z35H86R, Z35X21D, Z36H32D, Z36H41D, Z36H50D, Z36H51D, Z36H92M, Z36H96R, Z36X31, Z36X31D, Z36X31D8, Z36X31DM, Z46Z70V, Z46Z70V7, Z46Z70V8, Z46Z70VB, Z46Z83D, Z46Z83D7, Z46Z83D8, Z46Z83DM, Z50Z83D, Z50Z83D7, Z50Z83D8, Z50Z83R, Z50Z83R7, Z50Z83R8, Z52Z950, Z52Z95D, Z52Z95D8, Z56Z83D, Z56Z83D7, Z56Z83D8, Z56Z83M, Z56Z83R, Z56Z83R8, Z56Z95D, Z56Z95D7, Z56Z95D8, Z56Z95DM, Z60Z83D, Z60Z83D7, Z60Z83D8, Z60Z83R, Z60Z83R0, Z60Z83R8, Z60Z95D, ZB2741T, ZB2745H, ZB2749Y, ZB2751T, ZB2755S, ZB2771H, ZB2775T, ZB2777H, ZB2777S, ZB2791, ZB2791Y2, ZB2792, ZB2792S, ZB2793P, ZB2794, ZB2794BG, ZB2794S, ZB2797, ZB2797P, ZB2797W, ZB2797Y, ZB3139H, ZB3145T, ZB3145Y, ZB3193H, ZB3193Y, ZB3195H, ZB3195Y, ZB3197T, ZB3294S, ZB3539T, ZB3539Y, ZB3541T, ZB3551T, ZB3551T7, ZB4665T, ZB4665T5, ZB4665T7, ZB4675T, ZB4683RK, ZB4685BG, ZB4685T, ZB4695T, ZB5283RK, ZB5285BG, ZLD15A, ZLD15A1B, ZLD20A1, ZLE15A1, ZLE15A12, ZLG20A02G, ZLG20A02GM, ZLG20A04SM, ZLG20A05SM, ZLG20A11SM, ZLG20A12SM, ZLG20E04DM, ZLG21A06DM, ZLG21A21DM, ZLG26A02GM, ZLG26A11SM, ZLG26X22SM, ZLG26X31DM, ZLG29A11GM, ZLG29A12SM, ZLG29H32DM, ZLG29H96RM, ZLG29X22DM, ZLG29X31DM, ZLG29X76RM, ZLG34H96RM, ZLG34X31DM, ZLG38X31DM, ZLG46Z83DM, ZLG50Z83DM8, ZLG56Z95DM, ZLG56Z95DM7, ZLG56Z95DM8, ZR2106

    Note: This list may not be a complete list.

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