RR2573 for Philips® & Magnavox® Consumer and Commercial TVs

RR2573 for Philips® & Magnavox® Consumer and Commercial TVs


The Anderic RR2573 works many Philips & Magnavox TVs. This remote is is a Master remote and can be used to program commercial TVs. See "About this product" section below for more information. 

  • About this Product

    The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

    Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
    RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
    RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
    22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

    Works the following types of TVs:
    - Philips ITV
    - Philips Commercial TVs
    - Philips Professional TVs
    - Philips Hospitality TVs
    - All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

    No prgoramming required.
    Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode, but you can select "RC6" setup mode for any newer Philips Hospitality Tvs that may require it in the future (No TVs that we know of, requires the RC6 mode yet).

  • Compatible with

    Compatible with Philips/Magnavox Commercial/Consumer TV models: 

    00G226JAAA01, 00H226JAAA01, 00M226JAAA01, 00RG4172BK01, 00RG4172BK03, 00RG9172BK01, 00T071AJMA01, 00T206NGGA01, 00T206NGMA01, 00T216EGMA01, 00T216KGMA01, 00T238AJMA01, 00T374AHGA01, 00T374AHGA02, 00T374AHGA03, 00T374AHGA04, 00UR19AA0001, 00Y227JAAA01, 114.696, 114.6960001, 114.6970001, 114696, 1146960001, 114696001, 114697, 1146970001, 1146970002, 1146970003, 1146970004, 115.2970098, 115.2980001, 115.2980002, 115297, 1152970, 1152970001, 1152970002, 1152970003, 1152970004, 1152970098, 115297W, 115298, 1152980001, 1152980002, 1152980098, 1152980099, 1252970001, 1252970002, 1252970003, 1252970004, 125297C, 13LT010L, 13LT010L/35, 13MT1431, 13MT1431/17, 13MT1431/37R, 13MT143117, 13MT143137, 13MT143137R, 13MT143S, 13MT1532, 13MT1532/17, 13MT153217, 13MT1533, 13MT1533/17, 13MT153317, 13MT1582, 13MT158217, 13PR12C, 13PR12C121, 13PR12C221, 13PR12W, 13PR15C, 13PRC1, 13PRC10, 13PRC101, 13PRC10121, 13PRC10122, 13PRC10123, 13PRC10124, 13PRC10125, 13PRC12, 13PSC6, 13PSC60, 13PSC601, 13PSC60121, 13PSC60123, 14LL17, 14LL171, 14LL19, 14LL1901, 14LL190121, 14LL191, 14LL191121, 14LW193, 14LW1932, 14LW193221, 14LX19, 14LX190, 14LX1903, 14LX190321, 14MS2331, 14MS2331/17, 14MS233117, 14PT158259W, 14PT266505, 15MF150V, 15MF150V/37, 15MF150V/37B, 15MF150V37, 15MF150V37B, 15MF170V, 15MF170V/17, 15MF170V/17B, 15MF170V/17E, 15MF170V17, 15MF170V17B, 15MF170V17E, 15MF500T, 15MF500T/17, 15MF500T/37, 15MF500T/37B, 15MF500T17, 15MF500T37, 15MF500T37B, 15MF505T, 15MF605T, 15MF605T/17, 15MF605T/17B, 15MF605T/37, 15MF605T/37B, 17, 17MF200V, 17MF200V/17, 17MF200V17, 17PT156501, 19G602, 19HFL3330D, 19HFL3340D, 19LT010L, 19LT010L/35, 19LT010L35, 19LT220L/17, 19LT220L17, 19P200C121, 19PR14, 19PR14C, 19PR14C121, 19PR14C122, 19PR14C2, 19PR14C221, 19PR14C222, 19PR14C225, 19PR14C227, 19PR14D227, 19PR17, 19PR17C, 19PR17C1, 19PR17C125, 19PR17C625, 19prc1, 19PRC10, 19PRC101, 19PRC10121, 19PRC10124, 19PRC10125, 19PRC10126, 19PRC10199, 19PRC102, 19PRC10222, 19PRC10223, 19PRC10224, 19PRC10225, 19PRC1099, 19PRC121, 19PRC12121, 19PRC12122, 19PRC2, 19PRC231, 19PRC23121, 19PRC23124, 19PS52, 19PS52C2, 19PS52C221, 19PS52C222, 19PS52C3, 19PS52C325, 19PSC4, 19PSC401, 19PSC40121, 19PSC5, 19PSC50121, 19SV07, 19SV07B, 19SV07B1, 19SV07B101, 19TRC10121, 19TRC10199, 19X60800AA, 19X618, 19X61900A, 19X62200AA, 19X62U, 20B101, 20FT3010, 20HFL3330D, 20J160SB, 20J160SB02, 20J170SB02, 20K130, 20K161SB02, 20LL27, 20LL29, 20LL290, 20LL2901, 20LL290122, 20LL290125, 20LL291, 20LL291125, 20LX27, 20LX29, 20LX290, 20LX2903, 20LX290322, 20LX290325, 20LZ20, 20LZ202, 20MF200V, 20MF200V/17, 20MF200V/17B, 20MF200V/17E, 20MF200V17, 20MF200V17B, 20MF200V17E, 20MF500/17B, 20MF500/17E, 20MF50017B, 20MF50017E, 20MF500T, 20MF500T/17, 20MF500T17, 20MF605T, 20MF605T/17, 20MF605T/17B, 20MF605T17, 20MF605T17B, 20MF605W/17, 20MS2331, 20MS2331/17, 20MS2331/37R, 20MS233117, 20MS233S, 20MS334R/71, 20MS334R71, 20MT1331, 20MT1331/17, 20MT1331/37R, 20MT133117, 20MT133137, 20MT133137R, 20MT1336, 20MT1336/37, 20MT133S, 20MT4405, 20MT4405/17, 20P60400AA, 20PT643R17, 20S151B102, 20S240C, 20S240C101, 20S242C402, 20S250C101, 20X242C401, 21HT5404/05Z, 21PT166400S, 21PT226420, 21PT266558, 21PT447548, 21PT532458R, 22HFL3233D/10, 22HFL3330D, 22HFL3350D, 22HFL5530H/27, 22HFL5550D, 22HFL5662H, 22HFL5662H/F7, 242254900424, 24PW632458R, 24ST2200, 24ST2200/27, 25B800/7562, 25C510, 25E50100AA, 25LT22, 25LT220L, 25LT220L/17, 25LT220L17, 25P101BB, 25PT4275, 25PT447558, 25PT5105, 25PT5305, 25PT530500, 25ST220L, 25ST220L/17, 25ST220L/17B, 25ST220L17, 25TR12, 25TR12C101, 25TR12C102, 25TR12C121, 25TR12C2, 25TR12C221, 25TR15, 25TR15C, 25TR15C1, 25TR15C101, 25TR15C102, 25TR15C107, 25TR15C121, 25TR15C122, 25TRC1, 25TRC10, 25TRC101, 25TRC1010, 25TRC10101, 25TRC1019, 25TRC10199, 25TS52, 25TS52C1, 25TS52C202, 25TS52C203, 25TS52C205, 25TS52C3, 25TS52C303, 25TS52C321, 25TS52C4, 25TS52C408, 25TS54, 25TS54C, 25TS54C1, 25TS54C101, 25TS54C107, 25TS54C121, 25TS54C122, 25TSC60101, 26FW522037, 26hf5443/28, 26HF544328, 26HF5544D, 26HF5544D/27, 26HF5544D/27B, 26HF5545D, 26HF5545D/27, 26HF5545D/27B, 26HF7945D, 26HF7945D/27, 26HF7945D/27B, 26HF7955H, 26HF7955H/27, 26HF7955H/27B, 26HFL3233D/10, 26HFL3350D/10, 26HFL3381D/10, 26HFL4371D/10, 26HFL4372D/10, 26HFL4373D/10, 26HFL5561L/27, 26HFL5561V/27, 26HFL5662H, 26HFL5662H/F7, 26HFL5830D, 26HFL5830D/27, 26HFL5830D/27B, 26HFL5850D, 26HFL5850D/10, 26HFL5870D/10, 26HW9100D, 26HW9100D/27, 26HW9100D/27B, 26LL570121, 26LL571121, 26LW572221, 26LW573221, 26MF605W, 26MF605W/17, 26MF605W/17B, 27, 27A750, 27B, 27B7007562, 27FP74B102, 27FP74B103, 27H324SB, 27H327, 27HT2000/27, 27HT200027, 27HT4000D, 27HT4000D/27, 27HT4000D/27B, 27HT4000D27, 27HT7210D, 27HT7210D/27, 27HT7210D/27B, 27HT7210D27, 27J231, 27J231SB02, 27K221, 27K221SB02, 27LT220L, 27LT220L/17, 27LT220L/17B, 27LT220L17, 27LT621L, 27MS3404, 27MS3404/17, 27MS3404/17B, 27MS340417, 27MS340417B, 27MS45, 27MS4504, 27MS4504/17, 27MS450417, 27MS4504R, 27MS54, 27MS5402, 27ms5402/17, 27MS540217, 27MS6341/37, 27MS634137, 27MT3305/17B, 27MT330517, 27MT5405/17, 27P340C, 27P500, 27P600C101, 27PS52, 27PS52C1, 27PS52C2, 27PS52C202, 27PT5441, 27PT6441, 27PT6442, 27R5010088, 27R510, 27S200C401, 27S242C, 27S242C102, 27S300C101, 27ST22, 27ST2200/27, 27ST220027, 27ST220L/17, 27ST220L17, 27ST240P35, 27ST421L17, 27ST6210, 27ST6210/27, 27ST621027, 27ST621L/27, 27ST621L27, 27T554C101, 27TS52, 27TS52C, 27TS52C1, 27TS52C101, 27TS52C103, 27TS52C121, 27TS52C2, 27TS52C202, 27TS52C204, 27TS54, 27TS54C, 27TS54C1, 27TS54C101, 27TS54C107, 27TS54C121, 27TS73, 27TS73C101, 27TS73C102, 27TS73C103, 27TS73C104, 27TS73C105, 27TS73C2, 27TS73C206, 27TS73C207, 27TSC60101, 27TSC62101, 27TSC62102, 27TSC62107, 27X, 27X10500AA, 27Y10000AA, 27Z500, 28PT425500, 28PT477501, 28PT502501, 29LL670121, 29LL671121, 29PT510500, 29PT530501, 29PT532401, 29PT602156A, 29PT602173R, 2SB800, 30HW9100D, 30HW9100D/27, 30HW9100D/27B, 30HW9100D27, 30MW5405, 30MW5405/17, 30PD692137R, 312124791551, 313501701741, 313501702271, 313501702621, 313501702641, 313912875690, 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32HFL5850D, 32HFL5850D/10, 32HFL5860D, 32HFL5860D/27, 32HFL5860D/27B, 32HFL5860H, 32HFL5860H/27, 32HFL5860H/27B, 32HFL5870D/10, 32HFL7382A/10, 32HFL7406D/10, 32LT621L17, 32MF605W, 32MF605W/17, 32MF605W/17B, 32MS540217, 32MS6341/37, 32MS634137, 32MT3305/17, 32MT330517, 32PS53C101, 32PS63C1, 32PS63C101, 32PT5441, 32PW630420, 32PW632401, 32ST220/17, 32ST2200/27, 32ST220027, 32ST220P, 32ST220P/17, 32ST220P/37, 32ST220P17, 32ST6210/27, 32ST621027, 32ST621L/27, 32ST621L27, 34HW981, 37, 37HF7543, 37HF7543/37, 37HF7543/37B, 37HF754337, 37HF7544D, 37HF7544D/27, 37HF7544D/27B, 37HFL4481F/F7, 37HFL4482F, 37HFL4482F/F7, 37HFL5560D, 37HFL5560D/27, 37HFL5560D/27B, 37hfl5560d27, 37HFL5581D/27, 37HFL5581D/F7, 37HFL5581L/27, 37HFL5581V/27, 37HFL5581V/F7, 37HFL5682D, 37HFL5682D/F7, 37HFL5682L, 37HFL5682L/F7, 37HFL5880D/10, 37HFL7561A/10, 40HFL2082D/F7, 40HFL3683S/F7, 40HFL4683S/F7, 40HFL5573D/10, 40HFL5783D, 40HFL5783D/F7, 40HFL5783H, 40HFL5783H/F7, 40HFL5783L, 40HFL5783L/F7, 40HFL5783X/F7, 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823827717511, 9P5031, 9P5511, 9P5511C, 9P5511C1, 9P5511C101, 9P5511C102, 9P5511C11, 9P5511C199, 9P5514, 9P5514C, 9P5514C101, 9P5514C102, 9P5514C198, 9P5514C199, A12327, A12342, AC001, AK01, AV1900, AV1924A101, AV1977A2, AV1977A201, AV1977A299, AV2510, AV2724A101, AV2726, AV27268102, AV2767, AV2767A, AV2767A1, AV2767A199, AV2767A2, AV2767A203, AV2767A298, AV2767A299, AZ9430GY01, C54535A205, C5831CPN01, CC2541, CC2545, CC2546P102, CC2556PE02, CC2741P, CC2743A101, CC2760A101, CC2762A2, CC2772, CC2774B103, CCX194AT, CF4151WA02, CH1727, CJ4712AK01, CL9996PR01, CLB378AR03, CLB387PR04, CLJ242AK01, CP4571, CP4580A101, CP4680, CP4680A101, CP4680A102, CP4764A602, CP5180A1, CR4520, CR4520A, CR4520A101, CR4520A102, CR4520A104, CR4521, CR4521P, CR4521P104, CR4523, CR4523A, CR4523A4, CR4523A401, CR4524, CR4524P, CR4524P4, CR4524P401, CS4535, CS4535A1, CS4535A101, CS4535A205, CS4536, CS4740, CS4740A, CS4740A104, CS4751, CS5160, CT1301, CT1322, CT13R11, CT13R11R, CT1901, CT1901C, CT1901C121, CT1921C, 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FP3272A101, FP3272A102, FP3272A2, FP460W102, FP4610W, FP4610W101, FP4610W103, FP4610W104, FP4620, FP4620W, FP4630, FP4630W, FP4630W101, FP4630W102, FP4630W104, FP4630W105, FP5210, FP5210W101, FP5210W103, FP5210W104, FP5220, FP5220W, FP5220W103, FP5230, FP5230W, FP5230W101, FP5230W102, FP5230W104, FP5230W105, FS2750A, FS2750A101, FS2750A102, FS2752A101, FS2762A101, FS2762A102, FS2762A103, FS2762A2, FS2762A204, FS3262A103, FS3262A2, FS3262A205, FS3270B101, FS4620, FS4620A101, GM4019, GM4019C101, GM5019, GM5019C1, GM5019C101, GM5019C121, GM5019C122, GNB17719A, HC0119, HC0119C, HC0119C3, HC0119C322, HC9713C121, HC9719, HC9919, HC9919C, HC9919C1, HD1305, HD1305C1, HD1305C121, HD1320, HD1320C, HD1320C101, HD1321, HD1321C, HD1321C4, HD1321C401, HD1321C404, HD1321C8, HD1321C805, HD1541A, HD1905, HD1905C, HD1905C1, HD1905C101, HD1905C121, HD1905C123, HD1906, HD1906C, HD1906C2, HD1906C221, HD1906C222, HD1917, HD1917C, HD1917C1, HD1917C121, HD1918, HD1918C, HD1918C1, HD1918C121, HD1918C122, HD1918C125, HD1918C127, HD1920, HD1920C122, HD1924, HD1924C, HD1924C4, HD1924C401, HD1924C421, HD1924C8, HD1924C822, HD1925, HD1926, HD1926C401, HD1926C421, HD1926C422, HD1926C802, HD1926C822, HD2501A101, HD2502, HD2502A101, HD2504C101, HD2506, HD2506C4, HD2506C401, HD2506C8, HD2506C802, HD2515, HD2515C, HD2515C1, HD2515C101, HD2516, HD2516C1, HD2516C101, HD2516C102, HD2516C123, HD2516C2, HD2516C221, HD2517, HD2517C, HD2517C1, HD2517C121, HD2518, HD2518C, HD2518C1, HD2518C101, HD2518C107, HD2518C121, HD2518C122, HD2528, HD2528C, HD2630, HD2632, HD2715, HD2715C202, HD2715C203, HD2716C101, HD2716C103, HD2716C2, HD2716C221, HD2716C3, HD2716C305, HD2717, HD2717C, HD2717C1, HD2717C101, HD2720, HD2720C1, HD2720C101, HD2730, HD2730C, HD2730C1, HD2730C101, HD2762C206, HD2763, HD2763C, HD2763C4, HD2763C802, KHTC88, KHTC88PE, KHTC88PE01, KHTC91P102, KJ92208102, KJ9220P102, KJ9319C, KJ9319C401, KJ9320, KJ9320A4, KJ9320A402, KJ9419, KJ9419C1, KJ9419C101, KJ9420, KJ9420A1, KJ9420A101, KJ9513C101, KJ9519C221, M226JAAA01, M227JAAA01, MAGPR1316C, MAGPR1350B, MAGPR1916, MAGPS1963C, MAGTR2510C1, MAGTR2516C, MAGTS2553C, MAGTS2554C, MAGTS2775C, MD1420, MD1421, MD1421C1, MD1421C121, MD1421C123, MD1422, MD1422C3, MD2022, MD2022C, MD2022C301, MD2022C321, MD2024, MD2024C1, MD2024C121, MD2024C122, MD2024C124, MD2024C125, MD2603, MD2603C, MD2603C3, MD2607, MD2607C1, MD2607C101, MJ4140CH, MK4055, MK4160, MK4160W, MK4270, MK4353, MK4476, MK4485, MS2010, MS2010C3, MS2010C321, MS2126, MS2126C3, MS2730C, MS3250, MS3250C, MS3250C121, MS3250C129, MS3250C199, MS3250C321, MS3250C331, MS3250C399, MS3250C99, MS3250CC331, MS3250CC399, MS3250CK21, MS3250CK99, MS3252, MS32525, MS3252S, MS3252S/431, MS3252S431, MS3525S2, MS3650, MS36500, ms3650c, MS3650C127, MS3650C129, MS3650C199, MS3650C327, MS3650C399, MS3650C99, MS3652, MS36525, MS3652G, MS3652S, MS3652S327, MS3652S399, MS3652S427, MX3290B102, MX3297B1, MX9750, N0003UD, OCV625C1, OCV625C123, OCV720, OCV720C1, OCV720C121, OCV725C107, P0K151, P0K171SB, P0K221SB, P0K221SB01, P0K221SB02, P0K221SB03, P0K221SB04, P0K251SB, P0K261SB02, P0K371, P0S272, P1963C, P2505R1807, P2510RW101, P2702RC105, P51964C, P8137WP06, P8237AAK02, P8340BAK08, PA0113C, PA0127C, PA0132C, PA1953C, PA2527, PA2527C1, PA2527C101, PA2527C2, PA2531, PA2627C101, PA3520, PA5020, PA5020C, PA5020C2, PA5020C204, PA5020N2, PA5020N205, PA5027C, PA5027C102, PA5027C2, PA5027C203, PA5032, PA5032C1, PA5032C102, PA5032C2, PA5032C203, PA7020, PA7020C, PA7020C101, PA7027, PA7027C1, PA7027C101, PA7032, PA7032C1, PA7032C101, PA7036C1, PA7037, PA9019, PA9019C, PA9019C1, PA9019C121, PA9027, PA9027C, PA9027C101, PA9032, PA9032C, PAV190, PAV190C1, PB4025, PB4025C101, PB5013, PB5025, PB5025C121, PB6013, PB6013C, PC0119, PC0119C, PC0119C125, PC0119C199, PC0119C322, PC0119C399, PC0119N, PC0119N199, PC0125C121, PC0125C321, PC0127, PC0127AV, PC0127C, PC0127C1, PC0127C121, PC0127C199, PC0127C3, PC0127C321, PC0127C399, PC0127N, PC0127N121, PC0127N199, PC0127P, PC14R11R, PC6220, PC6220C1, PC6220C121, PC6225, PC6225C, PC6227C, PC6227C123, PC7125C107, PC7220, PC7220C, PC7220C121, PC7225, PC7225C, PC7225C1, PC7225C101, PC7225C107, PC7225C121, PC7227, PC7227C, PC7227C1, PC9219, PC9219C, PC9219C1, PC9219C125, PC9225, PC9225C, PC9225C121, PC9225C2, PC9225C221, PC9227, PC9227C, PC9227C101, PC9227C121, PC9227C199, PC9227C201, PC9227C221, PC9227C299, PC9227M, PC9227M199, PC9227N, PC9227N199, PCW027, PCW027C121, PCW027C221, PCW127C121, PCW227, PCW227C, PCW227C321, PCW227C399, PCW227S, PCW227S321, PCW227S399, PCW227SC, PH4344CH03, PJ4250, PJ4488, PJ4558, PJ4816, PJ5542, PJ5542CH01, PJ6020, PJ6020AK01, PJ6050, PK4035, PK4260, PK4260CH, PK4485, PK4559, PK4816, PK4916, PK6070, PKH198CH01, PKH198CH02, PL0119, PL0119C125, PL0119C199, PL0119C322, PL0119C399, PL0125C121, PL0125C321, PL0125C321/27, PL0125C399, PL0127, PL0127C, PL0127C1, PL0127C121, PL0127C199, PL0127C3, PL0127C321, PL0127C399, PL2119, PL2119C, PL2119C1, PL2119C101, PL2119C122, PL2120, PL2120C, PL2120C1, PL2120C101, PL2120C122, PL2125, PL2125C1, PL2125C101, PL3120, PL3125, PL3125C4, PL3125C401, PL3125C402, PL4119, PL4119C1, PL4119C101, PL4120, PL4120C, PL4120C1, PL4120C101, PL4121, PL4121C, PL4121C1, PL4125, PL4125C101, PL4126, PL5119, PL5119C, PL5120, PL5120C1, PL5120C121, PL5120C122, PL5125, PL6119, PL6119C121, PL6119C2, PL6119C221, PL6120C121, PL6125, PL6125C1, PL6125C121, PL7119, PL7119C, PL7119C1, PL7119C127, PL7119C199, PL7119C225, PL7119C227, PL7119C299, PL7120, PL7120C, PL7120C1, PL7120C121, PL7120C199, PL7125, PL7125C, PL7125C1, PL7125C107, PL7125C122, PL7125C198, PL7125C199, PL7127, PL7127C, PL7127C1, PL7127C101, PL7127C107, PL7127C121, PL7127C199, PL9119, PL9119C, PL9119C1, PL9119C125, PL9119C199, PL9125, PL9125C, PL9125C1, PL9125C101, PL9125C199, PL9125C2, PL9125C221, PL9125C298, PL9125C299, PL9127, PL9127C, PL9127C1, PL9127C121, PL9127C199, PLF335PE, PLN9119, PLW225, PLW225S, PLW225S399, PN2046, PN2046P103, PN3046A104, PNF356, PNF610, PNH372, PNH372AK01, PNH613CH01, POK130RB01, 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PR1910C2, PR1910C222, PR1910C224, PR1914, PR1914C, PR1914C121, PR1914C122, PR1914C123, PR1915, PR1915C121, PR1915C221, PR1915C222, PR1916, PR1916C, PR1916C1, PR1916C121, PR1916C122, PR1916C125, PR1916C127, PR1916Z, PR1917, PR1917C, PR2041, PR2041P101, PR2041P102, PR2046, PR2046P101, PR2046P102, PR2052, PR2052P101, PR3046A, PR3046A101, PR3046A103, PR3052B101, PR3061A101, PR3446A, PR3446A101, PR3952B101, PR4052B101, PRA600WA01, PRA927, PRC1910C, PRF227, PRF227S, PRF227S3, PRF227S325, PRF227S399, PRI388C, PRK712AK02, PRO925, PRO925C1, PS1302C122, PS1360, PS1360C1, PS1360C121, PS1694C, PS1943, PS1943C, PS1943C121, PS1943C122, PS1943C125, PS1946C, PS1952, PS1952C121, PS1952C122, PS1953, PS19536, PS1953C, PS1953C1, PS1953C121, PS1953C122, PS19553, PS1960, PS1960B125, PS1962, PS1962C121, PS1963, PS19630, PS19630B, PS1963C, PS1963C1, PS1963C121, PS1963C122, PS1963C125, PS1963C21, PS1964, PS19640, PS1964C, PS1964C1, PS1964C121, PS1964C125, PS1964L, PS1965C, PS1968C, PS1980, PS1980B121, PS2086, PS2086B121, PS2544C122, PT51G20T, PT51G20T1, PTV300, PTV376AH01, PTV380A001, PTV385A001, PTV420AH01, PV6070C103, PX2119C121, PX3119, PX3119C, PX3125, PX3125C402, PX4125, PXH169, R12541, R12541A401, R3940CWA01, R4940AWA01, R5085B, R5852WPE02, RC0702/17, RC070500, RC0731/17, RC073117, RC1112711/17, RC1112713/17, RC19335027/01, RC19335031/01, RC2520/17, RC2524/17, RC2524BK, RC254101, RC2573/01 INSTRUCTIONS, RC2573GR, RC2573GRDFU, RC2888/01, RC9319, RC9319G401, RC9319G402, RCU82C, RD2541A, RD4960, RDC296TE01, RDP424PE04, RE4956, RE495GF, REN250, REN250P101, REN250P102, RF4473WA04, RF4940AK01, RF4948PE01, RF4950, RG4172BK, RG4332WA02, RG4951, RG4951AK01, RG4951AK02, RG5950, RG5956, RG8501AK02, RH4250WA02, RH4251, RH4251AK01, RH4251WA01, RH4251WA07, RH4321, RH4550WA01, RH4558AK01, RH4560CH01, RH4816PE01, RH5550, RH5550AK03, RH5560, RH5560CH01, RH5570, RH5940AK, RH5956, RH5956PE01, RH7700AK01, RH8520AK07, RH8524AK06, RH9816, RH9816PE01, RJ18540AK, RJ4044, RJ4049, RJ4049WA01, RJ4049WJ22, RJ4250, RJ4250WA, RJ4250WA01, RJ4250WA02, RJ4250WA21, RJ4251, RJ4310, RJ4320WA01, rj4340, RJ4340WA01, RJ4348, RJ4348CH02, RJ4484AK01, RJ4484CH, RJ4488, RJ5540, RJ5540AK01, RJ5550, RJ5562CH02, RJ5563, RJ8510AK03, RJ8530, RJ8535, RJ8540, RJ8545AK, RJ8550, RJ8550AK, RJ8555AS03, RK4345, RK4490, RK4490AK01, RK4490AK02, RK4490AK03, RK4916PE04, RK4960AK02, RK5520, RK5520C101, RK5530AK02, RK5541, RK5554AK02, RK5554AK03, RK5565CH02, RK5700CH02, RK6020, RK6026P303, RK6026PE01, RK6026PE02, RK6070AK04, RK6070AK05, RK6076PE02, RK6076PE03, RK7605A104, RK8510, RK8510AK02, RK8530, RK8530AK, RK8530AK03, RK8536AK01, RK8548AK02, RK8550AK, RK8550AK03, RK8560, RKE192SL02, RKH178WA03, RKJ178WA02, RKJ195CH02, RKK191, RKX185, RKX185BK01, RL8510AK03, RL8530AK, RL8537, RL8544AK, RL8544AK04, RL8570, RL8570AK03, RL8570AK09, RL9820BK01, RLC352AK02, RLD308WA04, RLE351, RLE351AK02, RLE652PE01, RLE922AK01, RLE926AK02, RLJ320WA01, RLJ356PE0, RLJ926PE01, RLK330WA02, RLK360, RLK366PE02, RLK923AK01, RLS332AK01, 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SC3925C, SC3927, SC3927C, SC3927C1, SC3927C121, SC3932, SC3932C1, SC3932C121, SCN725, SCN725C, SCN725C101, SCN725C107, SCN727, SCN727C, SCN727C101, SCN727C107, SCN732C, SCN825C, SCN827, SCN827C, SCN832, SCN832C, SCN836, SCN836C, SCN836C1, SCN927, SCN927C1, SCN927C101, SCN932, SCN932C1, SCN932C101, SCR1960421, SEC720, SEC919, SP2016CK, SPC2754101, SPC2764401, SRA453, SRB136, SRB196, SRC1351, SRC135101, SRP453, SRW1350101, SRW1950, SRW1950122, SRW196, SRW1969822, SRW2520101, SSA475, SSC206, SSC2636102, SSC3184XXX, SSP4758, SSW256, SSW2736101, SV2000, T185BB, T187, T201AGMA01, T203AGMA02, T214AGGA03, T214AGMA01, T216JGMA01, T217JGPM01, T374AHPH01, T52554C, T52560, T52574C, T52775C, T52775C101, T53263C101, TC7220C, TC7225, TC7225C, TC7225C107, TC7227, TC7227C, TC9225, TC9225C, TK4916, TL119, TL6119, TL6119C, TL6120C121, TL6125C, TL6125C12, TL6127, TL6127C, TL6132, TL6132C, TL6132C1, TL6132C101, TL7119, TL7119C, TL7119C199, TL7119C2, TL7119C225, TL7119C299, TL7120, TL7125, TL7125C1, TL7125C107, TL7125C122, TL7127, TL7127C1, TL7127C107, TL9119, TL9119C1, TL9119C125, TL9125, TL9125C, TL9125C121, TL9125C2, TL9125C221, TL9127, TL9127C101, TL9127C121, TL9127C221, TL9195C, TP1915HJ, TP2525, TP2525C201, TP2526C101, TP2526C102, TP2526C103, TP2554C, TP2574C1, TP2574C101, TP2575, TP2774C101, TP3170, TP3170C101, TP3272C101, TR2501, TR2501C, TR2501C1, TR2501C121, TR2502, TR2502C, TR2502C101, TR2502C107, TR2502C121, TR2502C122, TR2502C199, TR2510, TR2510C, TR2510C1, TR2510C101, TR2510C121, TR2512, TR2512C, TR2512C101, TR2512C102, TR2516, TR2516C, TR2516C1, TR2516C121, TR2517, TR2517C, TR2517C1, TR2517C121, TR2517C122, TR2710, TR2710C1, TR2710C101, TR2710C102, TR2710C103, TR2712, TR2712C221, TS2254C, TS2275C, TS23258C, TS2542C102, TS2543, TS2543C, TS2543C121, TS2544, TS2544C, TS2544C1, TS2544C101, TS2544C107, TS2544C121, TS2544C122, TS2552C, TS2552C101, TS2552C104, TS2552C202, TS2552C205, TS2552C4, TS2552C408, TS2553, TS2553C, TS2553C1, TS2553C101, TS2553C103, TS2553C121, TS2553C2, TS2553C204, TS2554, TS25540, TS25546, TS2554C, TS2554C1, TS2554C101, TS2554C102, TS2554C107, TS2554C121, TS2554C122, TS2560, TS2560B101, TS2572C101, TS2572C105, TS2573C1, TS2574, TS2574C, TS2574C1, TS2574C101, TS2574C102, TS2574C107, TS2574C121, TS2582C102, TS2582C103, TS2743, TS2743C, TS2743C121, TS2744, TS2744C, TS2744C1, TS2744C103, TS2744C105, TS2744C106, TS2744C123, TS2744C199, TS2745, TS2745C, TS2745C1, TS2745C107, TS2752C201, TS2752C202, TS2752C205, TS2752C3, TS2752C321, TS2752C4, TS2752C408, TS2753, TS2753C, TS2753C0202, TS2753C1, TS2753C103, TS2753C121, TS2753C2, TS2753C202, TS2754, TS2754C, TS2754C1, TS2754C101, TS2754C102, TS2754C107, TS2754C121, TS2756, TS2756C101, TS2760, TS2760C, TS2760C101, TS2760C102, TS2760C105, TS2760C203, TS2760C207, TS27660C102, TS2768, TS2768C1, TS2773, TS2773C101, TS2773C102, TS2773C104, TS2773C105, TS2774C, TS2775, TS27756, TS2775C, TS2775C1, TS2775C101, TS2775C102, TS3253, TS3253C, TS3253C1, TS3253C101, TS3254, TS3254C, TS3254C1, TS32582, TS3258C, TS3262, TS3262C101, TS3262C102, TS3262C103, TS3262C104, TS3263, TS3263C, TS3263C1, TS3263C101, TS3270, TS3270B, TS3270B101, TS3272C101, TS3524C, TS3544, TS3553, TS3553C1, TS3553C101, TS3562C, TS3654C1, TS3654C102, TS3658C, TS775C, TSW2553C, TVPS1964C, TX27753101, U46622, VH5685, X177CFAA01, X25TSC60, XD1320, XD2632, XD2632C103, XD2781, XH4552, XJ4488, XJ5552, XJ5552CH01, XK4032, XK4335, XK4353, XK4353CH01, XK4353CH02, XK4485, XK4485CH05, XK4559, XK4559CH01, XK4559CH02, XK5556CH03, XK5565, XK5565CH01, XK5565CH02, XK6070, XK7601, XK7602A101, XL8530, XLUH260, XMK172C, XMK872, XMK972, XML192C, XML992, XMX162, XMX862, XMX962, XN1915, XN2514C101, XN2515, XR1301, XR1302, XR1302C121, XR1302C122, XR1310, XR1312C121, XR1320, XR1332, XR1333, XR1338, XR1342, XR1388, XR1388C121, XR1388C122, XR1901, XR1902, XR1902C, XR1902C1, XR1902C121, XR1905, XR1905C222, XR1914, XR1914C121, XR1914C222, XR1930, XR1933, XR1939, XR1942C4, XR1942C421, XR1948, XR2500, XR2500C, XR2500C1, XR2500C101, XR2501, XR2502, XR2510, XR2510C101, XR2541, XS1952, XS1955C121, XS1955C125, XS1961, XS2050, XS2550C101, XS2552, XS2552C101, XS2552C102, XS2552C123, XS2552C3, XS2552C321, XS2552C4, XS2552C406, XS2554, XS2554C, XS2554C1, XS2555, XS2560, XS2563, XS2565, XS2565B4, XS2566B101, XS2744, XS2746C101, XS2752, XS2752C2, XS2754, XS2754C, XS2754C1, XS2754C101, XS2761C101, XS2765C106, XS2773, XS2773C101, XS2773C104, XS2773C105, XS2773C4, XS2773C407, XS3253, XS3253C1, XS3253C101, XS3272C103, XS5660, Y6

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