RRP265V5 for Verizon FIOS Remote Control

RRP265V5 for Verizon FIOS Remote Control



The Anderic RRP265V5 is for use with Verizion Fios set top boxes. It works identical as the P265 V5 remote control. This remote is fully programmable to most all TVs. The remote comes with programming instructions. No programming needed for the FIOS set top boxes. With leanring.



P265V3 FiOS, P265V3, P265v5 FiOS, RC2655008/01B, P283v1 FiOS TV Big button, P283v1

Models Used With:

ARRIS IPC1100, ARRIS VMS1100, Cisco CHS 335HDC, Cisco CHS 435HDC, Motorola QIP7000 P2 Series, Motorola QIP7100 P2