Anderic RR1001S (pre-programmed to Samsung) 1-Device Universal

Anderic RR1001S (pre-programmed to Samsung) 1-Device Universal


DISCONTINUED: This item has been discontinued and is now replaced by the Anderic RR1001 Universal (pre-programmed to LG). The replacement can still be programmed to Samsung TVs.


The Anderic RR1001S 1-Device Universal Remote Control for all TV. Great for use with hospitality. See "About this Product" section for more information. Pre-programmed to work with all Samsung TVs, but it can also be programmed to work any brand of TVs.

  • This basic function remote features a limited selection of keys which is perfect for situations requiring simplified control of the TV. By removing keys like the MENU key this keeps users from accessing features that are not needed. Perfect for Hospitality use.

    Pre-programmed to work Samsung TVs.


    • Designed specifically for Hospitality
    • No Menu button
    • Works with all HDTVs and Older TVs as well
    • Easy 2 step programming
    • Includes features for "Dash, Sleep, Closed Captioning, Input and Previous Channel"
    • Includes full operating manual and codes
    • Includes screw for battery cover to keep guests out
    • Easy removable battery cover and does not need to be screwed down to keep in place

    Dimensions: 2" wide, 5 1/8" tall, 3/4" thick