RRDYS01 for Dyson Upright Fans

RRDYS01 for Dyson Upright Fans



The Anderic RRDYS01 works with Dyson® fans, including the Hot/Cool Series, Purfiy series, and Humidify series. This remote is a universal and may need to be programmed using the provided code sheet. This remote does not have a magnetic backing like the originals.

  • Works with the following

    AM04 BLACK, 922662-08-BLACK, AM05 GUNMETAL, 922662-06-GUNMETAL, AM06 GRAY, 965824-03-GRAY, AM06 WHITE, 965824-01-WHITE, AM10 HUMIDIFIER BLACK, 966569-06-BLACK, AM10 HUMIDIFIER GUNMETAL/BLUE, 966569-06-BLUE, AM10 HUMIDIFIER WHITE, 966569-06-WHITE, BP01 COPPER, 970192-03-COPPER, BP01 FUCHSIA, 970192-05-FUCHSIA, BP01 NICKEL, 970192-04-NICKEL, BP01 WHITE, 970192-01-WHITE, HP01 BLUE, 967826-02-BLUE, HP01 GRAY, 967197-13-GRAY, HP01 SILVER, 967197-13-SILVER, HP01 WHITE, 967197-13-WHITE, HP02 SILVER, 967826-03-SILVER, HP07 SILVER, 969897-06-SILVER, HP09 BLUE, 969897-14-BLUE, HP09 COPPER, 969897-14-COPPER, HP09 GOLD, 969897-14-GOLD, PH01 NICKEL, 970486-06-NICKEL, PH01 WHITE/SILVER, 970486-05-WHITE, PH02 GUNMETAL/BRONZE, 970486-07-BRONZE, PH02 WHITE/GOLD, 970486-08-GOLD, TP01 BLUE, 965824-06-BLUE, TP01 SILVER, 965824-07-SILIVER, TP04 BLUE, 969154-01-BLUE, TP04 NICKEL, 969154-03-NICKEL, TP04 SILVER, 969154-02-SILVER, TP05 BLUE, TP05-BLUE, TP05 WHITE/SILVER, TP05-SILVER, TP06 BRONZE, 969154-11-BRONZE, TP06 GOLD, 969154-12-GOLD

    and more

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