RRAV300 for Yamaha® Audio Video System

RRAV300 for Yamaha® Audio Video System


The Anderic RRAV300 remote control replaces many original equipment Yamaha audio remotes.

  • About this Product

    The Anderic RRAV300 remote control replaces original equipment Yamaha® AV receiver remotes. The RRAV300 will work right out of the package for compatible Yamaha AV receiver models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RRAV300 is a pre-programmed receiver remote for Yamaha, but can also be programmed to many other devices. The remote includes popular features like selection of the inputs along with full menu controls and, of course, all other buttons for normal operations. The RRAV300 can be programmed to other equipment using the provided operating manual. Please refer to the operating manual for instructions on programming. All Anderic remotes come with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty. We are in no way affiliated with Yamaha.


    Key features:

    • Pre-programmed for your Yamah Receiver. No programming necessary.
    • Modeled after the original Yamaha RAV300 remote control.
    • Full instruction booklet is included.
    • The RRAV300 can be programmed for use with other units (i.e. TV, DVD, SAT, Etc.).
    • Guaranteed to work your select Yamaha receivers (see "Used with Models" section to see if your unit is compatible).

  • Manuals & Downloads

    - User Guide for RRAV300 (PDF)


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  • Used with Models

    Compatible with Yamaha Audio/Video Receiver models: 

    BW0652, DSPAX340, DSPAX430, DSPAX440, DSPAX457GD, DSPAX540, DTX1100, DTX3100, GZHD10US, HRT5730, HTR5240, HTR5240RDS, HTR5440, HTR5440RDS, HTR5450, HTR5450RDS, HTR5540, HTR5540RDS, HTR5550, HTR5630, HTR5630RDS, HTR5635, HTR5640, HTR5640B, HTR5640RDS, HTR5650, HTR5650B, HTR5650RDS, HTR5730, HTR5730S, HTR5740, HTR5750, HTR5760, HTR5830, HTR5830SL, HTR5835, HTR5835SL, HTR5840, HTR5840BL, HTR5850, HTR5940, HTR5940BL, HTR5950, HTR5950BL, HTR6030, HTR6130, HTR6160, HTR6230, RAV15, RAV206, RAV246, RAV250, RAV300, RAV301, RXV340, RXV340RDS, RXV350, RXV357, RXV361, RXV363, RXV365, RXV365BL, RXV420, RXV420RDS, RXV430, RXV430RDS, RXV440, RXV440RDS, RXV457, RXV459, RXV496, RXV496RDS, RXV520, RXV520RDS, RXV530, RXV540, RXV540RDS, RXV550, RXV557, RXV559, RXV56, RXV5640, RXV5656, RXV5940, RXV5950, RXV650, RXV663, RXV663BL, YHT100, YHT100S, YHT150, YHT160S, YHT18, YHT24, YHT280BL, YHT300, YHT34, YHT340, YHT360, YHT380, YHT390, YHT390BL, YHT391, YHT391BL, YHT491, YHT491BL, YHT500, YHT540, YHT550, YHT550HT, YHT550HTIB, YHT590, YHT590BL, YHT670, YHT740, YHT750, YHT760

    Note: This list may not be a complete list.