RR3UNV 3-Device Universal

RR3UNV 3-Device Universal


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The Anderic RR3UNV 3-Device Universal Remote Control designed specifically for use with many units such as DVD Players, streaming boxes and TVs.

  • About this Product

    Anderic Hospitality 3-device Universal with Learning.

    - Works for TV, DVD, VCR, Cable, Sat, Audio, DVD/VCR Combos, TV/DVD Combos, TV/DVD/VCR Combos, Etc. 
    - Glow in the Dark Buttons
    - Easy Programming
    - Includes everything a Hotel or Hospital needs such as Sleep, CC/Subtitles, Input. 
    - Easy to use and simple design
    - Takes 2 AA batteries
    - Manual and code booklet comes with every remote. 

    Model: RR3UNV Universal with Learning 
    Part Number: RR3UNV 
    UPC: 895612001596 
    Catalogue No.: 74835 
    This remote control controls units : 3-Device Universal
    Battery Required : 2 AA


    Compatible with models: 

    10505, 152147, 310, 320, 340, 41905, 500, 500c, CL015, CL032, CL032 Manual Codes, CL035, CL035 Manual Codes, cl035a, CLO32, CLO35, CLO35A, CRC3273, CRCR3273, CRCR3283, CRCU1300T, CRCU300, CRCU300CB, CRCU300CG, CRCU300CP, CRCU300T, CRCU301, CRCU303, CRCU310, CRCU350, CRCU410, CRK68B2, DC20110512, DV285S, DV285S/KCXTL, DV285S/KUXTL, DV588A, DV588AS, DV588AS/KUXTL/CA, HE016, JASRM24911, JASRM24912, JASRM84964, JR300, JR400, JR500, LRCU300, LRCU300WP, MRU1300/17, MRU2101/17, MRU240117, ONEURC3110, PHLMRU330017, PM335 Manual and Codes, PM35, PM3S, PM435S Philips Universal, PV5257RK, RC24911, RC84911, RCR311B, RCR311B Code Book Only, RCR311BI, RCR311BT, RCR311S, RCR311S Code Book Only, RCR311ST, RCR311ST Code Book Only, RCR311W, RCR311W Code Book, RCR311W Code Book Only, RCR312, RCR312W, RCR312W Codes Only, RCR312WR, RCR312WV, RCR3273, rcr3283, RCR3383, RCR350, RCRN03BR, RCU1300, RCU1300D, RCU1300T, RCU1300VP, RCU300, rcu300b, RCU300MS, RCU300SK, RCU300T, RCU300TMS, RCU300TT, RCU300W, RCU300WB, RCU300WBL, RCU300WDRCU300, RCU300WG, RCU300WP, RCU300WT, RCU300X, RCU300XP36, RCU301, RCU302, RCU303, RCU303R1, RCU303R4, RCU310, RCU310 codes, RCU310BB, RCU310P, RCU350, RCU410 Codes, RCU410A, RCU410BL, RCU410MS, RCU410MSL, RCU410RS, RCU410W, RCU410WMS, RCU410X, RM24911, RM84911, RMV30, RMV7, RMV8A, RR5UNV User Guide, SC300, SC310, SC320, SC330, SC330C, SC331, SC340, URC3021, URC3050, URC3065B01, URC3300, VZ043, WMEX88, XRU100 CODES, XRU110, ZEN300, ZEN300C, ZEN350, ZEN350C, ZEN350D, ZEN350KA

    Note: This list may not be a complete list.


  • Manuals & Downloads

    To operate this remote, please refer to all instructions located in operating manual below.


    - RR3UNV Programming Instructions - Current (PDF)

    - RR3UNV Programming Instructions - Purchased prior to 6/1/2016 (PDF) 


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