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    The RR2HD is a basic-function remote that features a limited selection of oversized buttons; perfect for situations requiring simplified control of a television and Cable/Satellite boxes. By removing buttons as the MENU button and all other functions for the DVD players, cable or satellite boxes, standard functions are much easier to access. Perfect for televisions located in public areas, or in environments where the sets are operated by children or elderly. 

    Designed for all TVs, Cable and Satellite Boxes.

    Preprogrammed to work LG, Vizio, Philips/Magnavox and Digimate TVs; as well as DirecTV boxes.


    • Designed specifically for Hospitality
    • No Menu button
    • Super-sized buttons with Glow channel and volume keys
    • Works with all HDTVs and Older TVs as well Digital Converter Boxes, Satellite Boxes, and Cable Boxes
    • Easy 2 step programming
    • Includes features for "Dash, Sleep, Closed Captioning and Previous Channel"
    • Includes full operating manual and codes
    • Includes screw for battery cover to keep guests out
    • Easily removable battery cover and does not need to be screwed down to keep in place
    • Ergonomic design
    • Remote auto-selects the mode to send codes for, based upon the button that is pressed (no switching between modes)
    • All buttons and modes are customizable
    • Volume and Channel punch-through can be edited and deactivated for use with regular switching between modes

    Once programmed, this remote will automatically switch between modes accordingly to the button presses. Example, If you press power button, the remote will know to send both the power buttons codes for the TV and Second device. If you press Volume up, the remote will know to send out TV volume code. If you Press Channel Up, the remote will know to send the Cable Box/Satellite Box/Digital Converter Box code. Oh, and all these options can be disabled if needed.

    Programs to the following brands:

    Admiral, Advent, Akai, AOC, ApexDigital, Audiovo, Aventura, Broksonic, Carver, Celebrity, Celera, Changhong, Coby, CommercialSolutions, Crosley, Curtis, CurtisMathes, Daewoo, Dell, Denon, Dumont, Durabrand, Dynex, Electroband, Electrograph, Electrohome, Element, Emerson, Emprex, Envision, ESA, Funai, Gateway, GE, GFM, Gibralter, GoldStar, Haier, Hallmark, Hannspree, Harman/Kardon, Havermy, HelloKitty, Hisense, Hitachi, iLo, Innity, Insignia, Inteq, JBL, JCB, Jensen, JVC, KDS, KLH, LG, LXI (code 1922), MAG, Magnavox, Marantz, Matsushita, Maxent, MBQuart, Megatron, Memorex, MGA, Midland, Mitsubishi, Motorola, MTC, NAD, NEC, NetTV, NexusElectronics, Nikko, Norcent, Olevia, Optimus, Optoma, Optonica, Orion, Panasonic, PARK, Penney, Petters, Philco, Philips, Pioneer, Polaroid, Portland, Prima, Prism, Proscan, Proton, Proview, Pulsar, Quasar, RadioShack, RCA, Realistic, Runco, Sampo, Samsung, Sansui, Sanyo, Sceptre, Scotch, Scott, Sears, Sharp, ShengChia, Signature, Sony, Soundesign, Soyo, Spectroniq, Squareview, Superscan, Supreme, SVA, Sylvania, Symphonic, Syntax, Tandy, TCL (code 2113), Technics, Techwood, Teknika, Telefunken, TMK, TNCi, Toshiba, TVS, Victor, Vidikron, Vidtech, Viewsonic, Viore, Vizio, Wards, Waycon, Westinghouse, WhiteWestinghouse, Wyse, Zenith (doesn't work Sigmac)
    Digital TV Converter Box BRANDS
    AccessHD, Airlink, AlphaDigital, AMTC, Apex Digital (code: 2304), Artec, CASTi, ChannelMaster, Coby, Comcast DTA800 boxes (code: 2254), Coship, Daewoo, Daytek, DigitalStream, DishNetwork, Echostar, GE, Goodmind, Gridlink, Insignia, Lasonic, Magnavox, Memorex, MicroGEM, Philco, RCA, RCA DTA800 (code: 2286), Sansonic, Sunkey, Sylvania, Tivax, Ventura, Venturer, Winegard, Zenith

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