RR033UD for Select TV & TV/DVD Players

RR033UD for Select TV & TV/DVD Players


The Anderic RR033UD remote control replaces many original equipment FUNAI (as well as some: Dynex, Element, Emerson, iLo, Lextron, Philips & Sylvania) TV remotes. See "About this Product" section for more information.

  • About this Product

    The Anderic RR033UD remote control replaces many original equipment FUNAI (as well as some: Dynex, Element, Emerson, iLo, Lextron, Philips & Sylvania) TV remotes. The RR033UD will work right out of the package for TV models listed above (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR033UD is a TV and TV/DVD Player remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes all buttons for normal operations. All Anderic remotes come with a 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

    Additional information:

    • This remote only works Funai TVs and Funai TV/DVD Player Combos
    • This remote will not program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.)
    • This remote is a generic substitute remote for the Funai remote controls
    • 1-YEAR replacement warranty included


    Model: RR033UD 
    Part Number: RR033UD 
    UPC: 33434233 
    Catalogue No.: 80788 
    This remote control controls units : TV/DVD Combo
    Battery Required : 2 AAA

  • Used with Models

    Compatible with TV/DVD Combo models: 

    28MD403V, 28MD403V/F7, 63134C, 63194C, 6626LDG, 6626LDGA, 6626LG, 6626LGA, 6632LG, BLC320EM9, BLC320EM9A, BLC320EM9B, CIWL2606, CIWL3206, CIWL3706, CIWP4206, CIWP4206A, CLC200YM8, CLC320EM9, DXLCD3709, DXLCD3709CA, ELC320EM9, Emerson CLC320EM2F, Emerson CLC401EM2F, Emerson LC190EM1, Emerson LC190EM2, Emerson LC195EMX, Emerson LC220EM1, Emerson LC220EM2, Emerson LC260EM1, Emerson LC260EM2, Emerson LC260EM2A, Emerson LC320EM1, Emerson LC320EM1F, Emerson LC320EM2, Emerson LC320EM2A, Emerson LC320EM2F, Emerson LC320EMX, Emerson LC320EMXF, Emerson LC370EM2, EMERSON LC391EM3, Emerson LC401EM2, Emerson LC401EM2F, Emerson LC401EM3F, EMERSON LC501EM3, EMERSON LE190EM3, EMERSON LE220EM3, EMERSON LE260EM3, EMERSON LE320EM3, EWL3706, EWL3706A, FLX3220F, FLX3220FA, FVD3381, FW32D06F, FW40D36F, FW43D25F, FW50D36F, FW55D25F, FXV5895, FXV8266, HLS5086W, HLS5088W, HLS5686W, HLS5688W, HLS6186W, HLS6188W, HLS7178W, HLT5656W, HLT6156W, HLT6756W, LC155SC8, LC155SL8, LC155SL8P, LC195EM82, LC195EM87, LC195EM9, LC195EM92, LC195EM9B, LC195EM9E, LC195EMX, LC195SL8, LC195SL8A, LC195SL9, LC195SL9A, LC195SL9B, LC195SL9C, LC195SLX, LC195SSX, LC195SSX LC225SC9, LC200EM8, LC200EM8A, LC200EM8G, LC200SL8, LC200SL9, LC200SL9A, LC225SL9, LC225SSX, LC260SC8, LC260SS8, LC320EM3FA, LC320EM8, LC320EM81, LC320EM82, LC320EM82S, LC320EM8A, LC320EM8AN, LC320EM8S, LC320EM9, LC320EM93, LC320EM98, LC320EMX, LC320EMXF, LC320SL8, LC320SLX, LC320SS8, LC320SS8A, LC320SS9, LC320SS9A, LC320SS9B, LC320SSX, LC321EM9A, LC321EM9D, LC321EM9E, LC321SS9, LC321SS9A, LC321SS9B, LC321SSX, LC370SL8, LC370SS8, LC370SS8M, LC370SS8M2, LC370SS9, LC370SS9M, LC391EM3, LC420EM8, LC420SS8, LC427SSX, LC501EM3, LD155SC8/TV, LD155SL8, LD190EM1, LD190EM2, LD190SS1, LD190SS2, LD195EM8, LD195EM82, LD195EM87, LD195EMX, LD195SL8, LD195SL8A, LD195SSX, LD200EM8, LD200SL8, LD260EM2, LD320SS1, LD320SS2, LD320SS8, LD320SSX, LD320SSX/TV, LD370SC8, LD370SC8S, LD370SS8, LD370SS8M, LD370SS8M2, LD370SSX, LE190EM3, LE220EM3, LE240EM4, LE260EM3, LE290EM4, LE320EM3, LE320EM4, LE391EM4, LF320EM4, LF320EM4A, LF320EM5S, LF320FX4F, LF391EM4, LF461EM4, LF501EM4, LF501EM4F, LXT26T6S, LXT26T6SA, MAGNAVOX 32ME402V, MAGNAVOX 32ME402V/F7, NF033UD, NF607UD, RLC320EM3FA, RLC391EM3, RLC501EM3, RLE190EM3, RLE220EM3, RLE320EM3, SL200SL8, SL200SL8A, SLC195EM8, SLC195EM82, SV083416, SV093159, Sylvania LC190SL1, Sylvania LC195SLX, Sylvania LC220SL1, Sylvania LC320SL1, Sylvania LC320SL1DS1, Sylvania LC320SL1DS2, Sylvania LC320SL1DS5, Sylvania LC320SL1TH1, Sylvania LC320SL1TH2, Sylvania LC320SLX, V07LCD20, WF32L6

    Note: This list may not be a complete list.