RRLC18 for Sharp & Hisense Roku Enhanced TVs

RRLC18 for Sharp & Hisense Roku Enhanced TVs


The Anderic RR-LC-18 no programming and is gauranteed to replace the following remote controls: Hisense EN3A32, Hisense EN3B32HS, Sharp LC-RCRUS-17, Sharp LC-RCRUS-18, Sharp LC-RCRCA-17 remote controls.

  • The Anderic RR-LC-18 remote control is ready-to-go, out-of-the-box for Sharp, and Hisense Roku TVs. No programming is necessary, simply install batteries into this high-quality replacement Anderic remote control and you will be watching Netflix in no time. We guaranteed compatibility, and we provide a 1-year limit warranty. 

    • Better than original (remote) quality
    • No programming needed
    • Works identically to the original remote (possibly may have different shortcut keys)
    • Includes NETFLIX, SLING, HULU, and AMAZON shortcut keys
    • Optional screw for securing the battery compartment (great for keeping kids out) - Included
    • 1-Year Warranty on all Anderic® remotes

    Guaranteed-compatible with the following models:
    • Hisense EN3A32 remote control
    • Hisense EN3B32HS remote control
    • Sharp LC-RCRUS-17 remote control
    • Sharp LC-RCRUS-18 remote control
    • Sharp LC-RCRCA-17 remote control

    Note: if you need the GAME key (the key with game controller icon on it), please use Anderic model: RR-LC-16. This model (RR-LC-18) is not compatible with Sharp Roku TVs' remotes with the GAME key.