DRC800 4-Device Universal designed for Motorola® Cable DVR Boxes

DRC800 4-Device Universal designed for Motorola® Cable DVR Boxes


Notice: This item is on backorder until approx. 6/1/2020. We recommend the RRU401.3 as a replacement (works 100%)


The Anderic DRC800 works with many cable boxes and DVR units and was modeled after the Motorola DRC800 remote. The DRC800 is a 4-Device universal and works well with major brands of TV, DVD Player and Audio systems. See "About this Product" section for more details.

  • About this Product

    The Anderic DRC800 is a 4-Device Universal Remote Control for TV, DVD or VCR, Cable Box, and Audio.


    This remote will work for all Director, General Instrument, Jerrold, Motorola, Pioneer and Scientific Atlanta Cable Set-Top boxes with DVR capabilities, and will program to your TV, Audio Amplifier, Tuner, Receiver, DVD, DVD/VCR, TV, TV/DVD, TV/VCR, Home Theater Systems in a box, and other DVR systems like TIVO. WILL NOT PROGRAM to SAT BOXES!

    DVR set-top boxes the DRC800 will work for are as follows:

    • Motorola DCX3400 All-Digital, HDTV, Dual-Tuner DVR, M-Card Host Set-top
    • Motorola DCT3400 All-Digital, HDTV, DVR Set-top Series
    • Motorola DCH3416 All-Digital, HDTV, Dual-Tuner DVR, M-Card Host Set-top
    • Motorola DCT6400 Analog/Digital, HDTV, DVR Set-top Series
    • Motorola DCH6416 Analog/Digital, HDTV, Dual-Tuner DVR, M-Card Host Set-top
    • Motorola QIP2708 Hybrid QAM-IP, SDTV, DVR Set-top
    • Motorola VIP1216 HD IP Video Set-top with DVR
    • Comcast Motorola DCT3412 DIGITAL CABLE BOX HDTV
    • Comcast Motorola DCT3416 DIGITAL CABLE BOX HDTV
    • Comcast Motorola DCT2305 DIGITAL CABLE BOX HDTV
    • Comcast Motorola DCT6412 DIGITAL CABLE BOX HDTV
    • Comcast Motorola DCT3416I DIGITAL CABLE BOX HDTV
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer Series (including Time Warner Cable, PACE, Comcast Set-top boxes)
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 1840
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3000
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200HD
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000HD
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8200
    • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8200HD
    • PACE
    • ATLAS AT8550
    • Pioneer set-top boxes with DVR capabilities
    • Replaces Time Warner cable Remotes
    • Replaces Cox Digital cable remotes
    • Replaces Blue Ridge Digital cable remotes
    • Replaces Bresnen Cable remotes
    • Replaces Brighthouse cable remotes
    • Replaces Cableone cable remotes
    • Replaces Charter Communications cable remotes
    • Replaces Citywest cable remotes
    • Replaces Cogeco cable remotes
    • Replaces Comcast cable remotes
    • Replaces Insight cable remotes
    • Replaces Knology cable remotes
    • Replaces Mediacom cable remotes
    • Replaces Newwave Communications cable remotes
    • Replaces Rogers cable remotes
    • Replaces SuddenLink cable remotes
    • Replaces Westman cable remotes
    • Replaces Wow cable remotes
    • and more.


    Convenience Features

    • "Replay" and "back to live TV" buttons for easy DVR control
    • Step and Set feature will allow consumers to set up electronic devices without a 4-digit code. The DRC800 scans until it finds the appropriate code. This feature is very useful for consumers that lose their user guide and can decrease customer calls to the operator.
    • Mode Light allows the consumer to know which device they are using when pressing a button.
    • Volume Lock allows the consumer to lock the volume to a specific device (TV, audio component or set-top box). Great feature for home theaters.
    • Memory Retention ensures that codes are held in memory while changing batteries.
    • Blink Out feature allows customers to identify the code of a specific device that is programmed into the DRC800. Helpful in conjunction with Step and Set feature.
    • LAST button returns the user to the last channel they were watching easily and conveniently and acts as a navigational aid in EPG applications.
    • FAV button allows users to quickly surf from favorite channel to favorite channel once their favorite channel list has been programmed through the EPG.
    • HELP button allows users to learn about a specific feature on their own, potentially reducing the number of customer calls to the operator.
    • INFO button provides information about the currently selected program - either live or through the EPG.
    • Includes and easy-to-follow User Guide.
    • Features a one-year limited warranty.


    Model: DRC800 for Motorola 
    Part Number: DRC800 
    UPC: 30449393 
    Catalogue No.: 90688 
    This remote control controls units : Cable Box
    Battery Required : 2 AAA

  • Used with Models

    Compatible with Cable Box models: 

    1056B01, C061702, Comcast Motorola DCT2305, Comcast Motorola DCT3412, Comcast Motorola DCT3416, Comcast Motorola DCT3416I, Comcast Motorola DCT6412, DCT3400, DCT3412, DCT6200, DCT6208, DCT6412, DRC400, DRC425, DRC800 Manual, DVR800, EXPLORER2000, G032903, G054603, Motorola DCH3416, Motorola DCH6416, Motorola DCT3400, Motorola DCT6400, Motorola DCX3400, Motorola QIP2708, Motorola VIP1216, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 1840, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3000, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3200HD, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000HD, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8200, Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8200HD, URC1057BG0, URC1068, VT94A, VTTU94A

    Note: This list may not be a complete list.

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