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About Anderic Brand

What we do and why:

Anderic - Our brand specializes in the re-manufacturing of consumer parts and accessories, namely remote controls. We believe that quality should not suffer when manufacturing a generic of an originally supplied unit.

The reason we do this:

We want to provide our customers with compatible remote controls so they can operate their units, long after the original equipment items have been either discontinued, no longer available, demand is too high while supply is too low, or simply to offer a less expensive model for our customers choosing. 

We have many manufactures already referring customers to purchase the Anderic brand remotes. 

Anderic started back in 1999. Our first model was the RR9725 replacement for Toshiba® CRT (Tube) TVs. We have come a long way since. We now offer many replacement remotes for Audio equipment, TVs, Set-top boxes, Cable boxes, Sat boxes, Hotel guest room TVs, and more. 

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